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The Studio

The Studio is a black box theatre with raked seating and the stage on the flat. The seats are removable however, the rostra they sit on is not.

The stage is front on with access to dressing rooms through two doors at either side of the stage along the back wall.

The room is intimate yet has a very spacious feel. It is your next blank canvas.

The capacity is 120 seated comfortably. This can be increased with additional front rows however, the stage is reduced by approx one meter for every row.

Details and specifications click on links below:

The Studio Standard Rig

The Studio Standard Rig Patch List

The Studio Dimensions / Plan

The Studio Images

The Arch

The seating is antique leather, wooden armed, flip up seating originally from the Adelaide University Union Hall. The stunning stained glass windows are back-lit and used for the house lights, along with halogens that make a feature of the beautiful wooden ceiling.

The auditorium has incredible acoustics and the venue has a charm that is unique.

The Arch is a favorite and its character compliments any event.

The Arch Standard Rig

The Arch Standard Rig Patch List

The Arch Standard Rig Patch Panel

The Arch Dimensions and Information

The Manse

Coming soon...